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GB 72 Cell 1000V Series

Poly Crystalline Solar Module

GB 315P – 340P

Our signature product, the GB 60 Cell, is the most versatile module. While compact enough to fit on residential and commercial roofs, it is still economical enough to meet the needs of larger, utility-scale projects. This series is IEC certified which is universally recognized and respected throughout the solar industry


Higher output of module power by reducing cell to module power loss

Efficiency up to 17.52%

Engineered to provide Excellent Low Light Response

Range- 315P-340W

BIS Certified

Positive Power output for better ROI

Extremely Reliable Product suiting all environment conditions
10 Years of Product Warranty and 25 Years of Linear Performance Warranty
Rigorous in-house testing for best module quality
Excellent anti-PID performance
Designed for very high area efficiency ideally suited for rooftop and ground-mounted applications

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Positive Power Tolerance

Up to 4.99W

Excellent Module Efficiency

Up to 17.52%

Performance Warranty

25 years

Products Warranty

10 Years


PID Resistant

100% El Tested

Pre & Post Lamination


On-grid large Scale ulity systems

On-grid rooftop commercial and residential systems

Off-grid residential systems


Telecommunication & Signaling

Power Pack & Backup Systems

Community Lightning