How do I know what system size I need?

For starters, our assistance will make this very easy for you as we will give you all the needed information. A team of installers will come down and complete a site survey to give a proper estimate. The solar system size will be based on detailed study of your electricity bills..

What is net-metering?

Net-metering measures the difference between the electricity you buy from your utility and the electricity you produce with your solar energy system. Under net-metering, any excess electricity produced by your solar energy system spins your existing meter backwards, effectively storing the electricity until it is needed. Your meter than spins forward when your solar energy system is not producing all the electricity you are currently using. Your electric meter keeps track of this “net” difference as you generate electricity and take electricity from the utility grid.

Why is net-metering important?
Because solar energy is an intermittent resource you may not be using the power when it is generated, and net-metering allows you to receive full value for the electricity you produce without installing and investing in a battery storage system.
How will the weather affect my solar electric system?

Solar electric systems are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Lightning, wind up to 80 miles per hour, and extreme temperatures are all things your solar system can handle. However, these conditions will temporarily reduce its energy production.

What is the maintenance on my PV panels?

PV Panels are virtually maintenance free. Basically, you need to keep them clean. Most of the time, rain cleans them off.

How does it store electricity so I can use it after the sun goes down?

The most basic solar energy system is what is known as a “Grid-Tie Only” system. There are no batteries. Excess electricity produced by the solar panels, will be directed back to the local utility grid, spinning your existing meter backwards in the process. You will receive credit for any power that you “sell” to the utility company. This is what is known as Net Metering.

What can I do to keep power during a blackout?

If you are interested in a solar system that will continue to power your home during a blackout, we do sell battery-backed solar systems.