Mono Crystalline Solar Module

Mono Crystalline

Key Features

BIS Certified | Range - 170Wp up to 400Wp

Efficiency up to 19.56% with Positive power tolerance

Reduced Hot spots with innovative half cell design

Reduced internal power losses by increasing bussbars and half cell arrangements.

Designed for excellent low light performance using MONO PERC Technology.

Desgined for reliability: Suited for harsh environmental conditions and can withstand 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load

IEC approved max system voltage of 1500VDC

Advantages of Mono Solar Module


PID Resistant

Positive Power Tolerance

Up to 4.99W

Products Warranty

10 Years

Performance Warranty

27 years

100% El Tested

Pre & Post Lamination



Download Mono solar module datasheet

Mono Solar 72 cells


Mono Solar 144 cells

1500V (380-400w)

1500V (530-550w)

Mono Solar 60 cells

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